Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

PollRPG: Illustration!

I wrote the first IC post of #PollRPG last night, at , which is down right now. >_<

So! Some results in the meantime. "Genderfluid" tied with "tomgirl" in the poll, so the protag varies gender presentation but tends towards enby, more femme than boyish. "Assigned enby at birth" tied with "self-determined", so: protag chose enby as their gender, and has a naturally androgynous appearance.

And below: my attempt to draw them! Their name is Smoke. Their cutlure uses earrings to indicate gender, so the earring signifies "enby".

IC post will come when 4thewords comes back up or I get sick of waiting and write it again. (It's only ~450 words so it's not that big a deal.)

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Tags: gaming, pollrpg

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