Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Poll RPG: A New Perspective

"Actually ... " Smoke offered a warm smile. The black-eyed woman watched her warily in return; Licorice wished the new enchanter would just let her go already. I am a boring maintenance worker, you are not interested in me, go away, she thought fiercely. The enchanter continued, oblivious: "I don't know how busy you are, but I've been hired as the new enchanter, to repair Courthall's wards. I could use someone from maintenance to show me around, because I need to know where all the entrances are -- side, service, maintenance, even sewer. I've been making Blackwood do it, but the poor draka's been up since before dawn to fetch me and I feel quite ruthless keeping him. Would you be able to .... ?"

"I do not mind, truly, Smoke," Blackwood protested.

"Umm." Licorice blinked, taken aback. Say no, tell them you're busy, say no, say no.

"Please?" Their ears canted back and to the side, whiskers spread optimistically.

"I'm not exactly a tour guide, honored ... " Against her will, Licorice considered the idea. Hanging around the new enchanter would be one way to find out what they were planning to do with the wards, after all.

"But I'll bet you do know every possible entrance. Even the ones that no one ever uses and are supposed to be blocked off but, perhaps, haven't been?"

"I am pretty good at getting around," Licorice admitted. This is a terrible idea. Angels and demons, you idiot, do not let yourself be swayed by a beguiling smile from the tall gorgeous enby. Say no.

"Perfect! Thank you so much, Licorice. Would you mind flying us over to the House of Chambers, please, Blackwood? I want to set up a new gatherer where it won't conflict with this one." Smoke turned that irresistible smile on the draka, who of course agreed. Which is how Licorice found herself seated on a dragon's back with her arms around the enby kith's waist, clinging for dear life as they glided across the gap. Oh, this is such a bad idea.

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