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Coda on Lawn Care

 So on Friday, September 1, one of the services I tried to use -- Lawn Love -- sent a second person to give me a quote.  That person, it turned out, could not give *me* a quote.  They had to give Lawn Love a quote and then Lawn Love would call me to tell me how much they'd charge.

At this point, I decided that Lawn Love was too incompetent and annoying to use. I had to call them up to cancel their "service" despite that it had been a week and they'd never actually done any work for me, just sent people to look at my lawn and not give me quotes. 

A week later, Lawn Love billed my credit card company for the price of "regular service".  (Ie, what they had told me on the original call they would charge for bi-weekly service, if my lawn needed regular mowing instead of a ton of extra work.) They had literally never cut so much as a twig or a blade of grass. 

I just noticed the charge when I was reviewing my bills today to pay them. I have disputed the charge, and downgraded my 1-star review of Lawn Love from "REALLY BAD" to "ACTUALLY SCAMMERS". I don't think I mentioned their name before, but please allow me to blacken it now.  If you are ever looking to hire a lawn service DO NOT USE LAWN LOVE. They did no work for me and charged my credit card after I told them I wouldn't use their service.

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