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October in Review

I've been driving to work a lot, which is one part laziness, one part "I need to be able to get home in a hurry if something goes wrong with Lut" and one part miscellaneous adulting. Last week, for instance, I had a health clinic, a dentist appt, and coffee with a United Way rep. I also had to leave work early on Weds because Lut wasn't well enough to safely navigate the house on his own.

I've been eating more vegetables, though? So there's that. I started bringing nuke-in-the-bag frozen broccoli with cheese to work for a snack. It's a pretty good compromise between "actually healthy", "wiling to eat" and "convenient".


I did very little writing this month. I finished Demon's Lure, which was maybe a couple thousand words. And wrote maybe five hundred words of Fellwater.
The Business of Writing
I did a lot more here:
* Finished last round of edits on The Sun Etherium before first readers
* Finished proofreading ebook of Silver Scales in advance of release.
* Finished last round of edits on The Sun Etherium before layout
* Finished last round of edits on Golden Coils before layout

The ebook for Scales is ready for release apart from cover layout. (I have cover art, just need to put text on it.) So that'll happen soonish.

I did a couple more icons for Scales, and a random ink sketch for Inktober because why not. I did a fan art sketch for Poison Kiss, too. It's also partly colored now but I haven't finished it up.

I read four books by people who aren't me, which was one of last month's goals. Not as many as I'd've liked to, but that was a reasonable number.
Goals for coming month

* Release Scales
* Attempt Nanowrimo
* Do not beat myself up or push myself on Nanowrimo

I want to do Nano, because it's been ages since I wrote a substantial amount of words-per-day. I also feel incredibly rusty and out of practice. So I'm nervous about trying to dive back in. Especially given Lut's health.

Hence: I'm going to try it, but if it doesn't work out, oh well.

I am also giving myself permission to work on more than one story if I want. I'm currently leaning towards writing the second Demon book, because the outline for it is in pretty good shape and I'm excited about the events that come next. But if I decide to work on finishing Fellwater, or work on a new project, that's fine too. I'll count any words of new fiction towards the Nano total. I have completed six books, from draft to final edits. I don't feel like I still need to prove that I can stick with a project to completion. If I wanna multitask, hey, that works.

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