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January Month in Review

I did manage to eat more vegetables this month! Not really exercising much. The clinic has tried two more times to collect stem cells from Lut, since the pneumonia in December cut the first attempt short.  The last two times, he's gone through all of the shots, plus the bonus shots, but not produced enough to collect. So we start a different and even more awful regimen next Wednesday.
Anyway, because of this I've been getting up early and getting home late and not exercising on those days. On days when I go to work at a normal time and get home at a normal time, I usually still exercise a little, but not as much as I used to.
8,000 words on Demon's Sigil, finishing the first draft
8,500 words in world-building, outline, and story notes for The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince: my newest work-in-progress
8,000 words beginning the actual PDP book.
The Business of Writing
I did a very little bit of editing on Demon's Lure on the 31st.

Applied for (and was refused) a Bookbub, whee! Bookbub is an exclusive discount advertising outlet. It is the only effective form of book advertising, so far as I know. They reject a lot. Anyway, I need to get in the habit of applying for Bookbubs even though I don't have the best kind of back catalog to take advantage of them. And I need more reviews for my books. If you've read one of my books and haven't reviewed it, these sad puppy eyes are me asking you to do so: /o_o\

Most importantly: released Golden Coils. \o/
I actually did multiple drawings this month, surprisingly.
* Black & white cartoon
* Color cartoon
* three color portraits of women for practice
* color illustration for one of the characters from PDP
* sketch of one of the PDP characters
* Female skydancer adopt and seven or eight genes for it (in Flight Rising, players sometimes make their own lineart based on one of the breeds, and then recreate the genes and apparel to match it, and sell versions tailored to other people's dragons as a cheaper form of commissioning art for your dragon. I haven't tried to market mine and I don't know that anyone would buy it if I did. But Maggie started doing it for female tundras, and then got a few other friends drawing dragons for adopts, so I hopped on the bandwagon.)
This has not been a great month, but given Lut's health issues, not surprising. I feel pretty productive, though. I am happy with the amount of stuff I accomplished.
Goals for coming month
* Complete 24 items on the editing list for Demon's Lure
I picked "24" because that is how many items are currently on the list.  Me being me, I will be VERY SURPRISED if that list doesn't attract any new items as I start editing. Very few of those items are simple.  I need to go through and rank them from easiest to hardest so I can do the easiest one first.  Actually, I can tell right now which is easiest and I am going to do it.
There, done. One down!
I have become a big believer in "do the easiest items first", because (a) watching the list get shorter gives me confidence and (b) the hard ones seem less daunting when the list is shorter. But I did also get started on one of the hard items today too, so I'm not a total wuss.
Ideally, I want to finish editing Demon's Lure this month and get to first readers, but this seems awfully optimistic, hence the "complete 24 items on the list."  In the unlikely event that the list doesn't grow, it'll be done and hey, bonus.
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