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Demon's Lure: Call for First Readers!

I am on my final read-through of Demon's Lure before I send it to first readers, and hope to finish in the next few days. This is my call for volunteer first readers! Here's the blurb:

In the fight against the demons of the skylands, Sunrise has one of the rarest powers: that of a lure. Where demons normally feed by tormenting their victims, Sunrise draws them with her happiness.

She doesn't want to hunt demons, but when a hunter team arrives at her village to ask for her help, she agrees. It should be easy: they just need her as bait for a pain demon that is too fast for them to capture otherwise. And a typical pain demon is no match for an experienced team of demon hunters.

But this is no typical demon. And it has its own plans. It has no intention of being trapped, and is not worried about the hunter team. No, its main concern is: what does a demon who's spent millennia torturing and tormenting humans know about making one happy?

Demon's Lure is the first book in a new setting. There will be at least one sequel. The lead character is bisexual and she lives in a queer- and polyamorous-friendly society, but neither this book nor the sequel is a romance! There are no central conflicts or sub-plots that are resolved by the power of romantic love.

You needn't have read any of my other books in order to volunteer for this one. First-time volunteers are appreciated! General feedback I am looking for from first readers:
  • General commentary on what works/doesn't work in the story
  • Spelling/grammar/editing artifact errors
  • Continuity errors
  • Overused words
  • Confusing text (eg, if you find yourself confused about what's going on, or what this word the characters keep using means in the context of the story, or things of that nature)
I figure on sending the book to first readers somewhere around Feb 20 (Tuesday). I'd like readers to be done reading & providing feedback within a month, so by 3/20 or so.

Please comment with your email address (or direct-message me on Twitter or Dreamwidth) if you'd like to volunteer. All comments are screened so your email address will not be made public. Reading will be done through Google Docs, so email accounts with a Google account associated are preferred.

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