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February in Review

The Business of Writing
Because Surprise Staycation gave me extra time at home, I finished editing Demon's Lure on March 17, much sooner than I'd anticipated. I've fixed some typos caught first readers, but haven't made much in the way of substantive changes yet. A couple of first readers have had issues with the same aspect, and it's one that will be time-consuming to address. I expect I will make an effort to do so before I pronounce it done.

Since I finished editing early, I started writing a new book. No, I didn't resume work on The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince. Nor did I start on any of the other books I was talking about working on next. AH HA HA why would I do that, that would make sense.

Instead, I'd stumbled across a half-finished outline I started in 2015 and abandoned because the story is Super Problematic. I did several illustrations from the story back in 2015, and posted one of them here: Anyway, having remembered this idea existed, I promptly became obsessed with it all over again, and I decided that I could reward myself for finishing edits early by working on something frivolous until the end of the month. So I finished up the outline and wrote out some world-building notes for four days, then dove in to write 17,500 words in the last week of February.

It is tempting to keep charging forward on it, but I lost my stride as soon as March hit, so I don't think so.

Uhh. I did a reference map for Demon's Lure? And some more genes and a handful of apparel pieces for my Skydancer adoptable. I did launch an adopt shop on FR. It has had two customers! \o/ I am excited because the second customer was today and since I'd ignored it completely for the last two weeks since completing an adopt for my first customer, I'd assumed I wasn't going to have another. :)

Surprise Staycation was unexpectedly relaxing. Surprise Hospital Stay and going back to work was bad. Writing 2500 words a day for a week was also pleasant, though. I finished out February with my reserves tapped out, but my mood overall was reasonably good. Fatigued but not depressed.

"Reserves tapped out" means I go into a total meltdown over minor inconveniences, though. See Friday's entry about the difficulty with hunting down Lut's medicine. x_x

Goals for coming month
  • Take care of Lut
  • Do final edits on Demon's Lure and send to Alinsa for typesetting.
  • Do some editing on the Demon's Sigil. March is presently shaping up to be a lot of "get up ridiculously early and go to hospital", because they are trying to collect stem cells from Lut next week. If he gets the transplant, that's another two weeks in the hospital for him. Hospital is exhausting. Anyway, I kind of wanted to finish initial edits on Sigil, but since I want to do some significant revision on Lure, probably not gonna happen.
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