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Angel's Sigil Launch Post!

Angel's Sigil

Demon hunters trap demons. They do not help them avoid capture, and they do not help them reform. Everyone knows that demons are innately evil and cannot change.

But what if everyone is wrong?

After a demon took Sunrise prisoner half a season ago, it pledged to her that it would reform. That after millennia of feeding on the suffering of others, it would stop. In exchange, she promised to do her best to provide it with her happiness to feed upon instead. Her life, and the life of everyone she loves, depends upon this pledge. In some ways, it is the life Sunrise has always wanted: traveling the skylands with a swift, powerful protector, visiting strange places, learning a new language, and seeing things she'd not even imagined existed back in Oak-by-the-Water.

But the demon is lying to her, and if she finds out the truth ...

... how can she be happy then?


The sequel to Demon's Lure! Those of you who've been following my doings for a while may have noticed that Angel's Sigil has gone through a couple of different titles before I settled on this one. Names are hard, but I am satisfied now! Also, it's too late to change my mind again.

As with Demon's Lure, Angel's Sigil is a fantasy about a young woman and her demon, in a queer-positive setting. It is heavy on coping mechanisms and dealing with intolerable situations, and with no romantic subplot. This book completes the story begun in Demon's Lure, so if you wanted to wait and binge-read them both at the same time, you need wait no longer. I may revisit Sunrise and her demon at some future point, but I feel their first story arc has reached a good conclusion.

Thus, I am currently drafting The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince, which is a spin-off on the Etherium books, set in one of the worlds that the the fey visit from time to time. It's a return to my polyamorous fantasy roots, with an FFM triad. My next release is already complete but for final edits and a final title; the working title is Frost, and it's a dysfunctional MM fantasy romance in a new setting. (With a happy ending, because I wouldn't call it a romance without a happy ending.)  
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