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September in Review

My obsession with Pokemon GO continues unabated. This means that on most days last month, I walked or biked for more than an hour each day. Not eating any better, though. Probably a little worse, since I started having cream of wheat with (way too much) Nutella for breakfast again.

I wrote 10,900 words of The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince, which was a little over my goal of 10k, but did not reach my stretch goal of finishing the draft. It's up to 119,100 words now.

The Business of Writing
I wrote and slotted in one of the four scenes I'm adding to Frost in final edits, and plotted out the details of the other three scenes. Which are probably going to be more than three. Whatever.

I did a couple of fake-shaded-pencil sketches on the Surface, and then lost my tablet pen. Meh.

I am up to level 34 of 40 in Pokemon GO. Level progression slows down a lot in the 30s, and even more in the high 30s. (It takes more xp to get from level 39 to 40 than from 1 to 33.) Unlike most leveling games, it doesn't get much easier to gain xp as you gain levels, either. I do have an advantage in leveling, in my ridiculously long list of Pokemon GO friends. A good 1/3rd of my xp to date has come from the friends system: giving and receiving gifts from friends. I've already gotten most of the 7- and 30-day bonuses that I'm likely to get from the existing list, but the 90-day bonuses will start rolling in during November and December. I expect to still need the XP then, too. But if I don't ease back, I might well hit the level cap in 2018. o_O

Because so much of my XP is from friends, I'm kind of a wimpy level 34. I did get an invitation to an EX Raid, which astonished me -- EX Raids are invitation-only and they're designed to weight people who are involved in the local Pokemon GO community. I would like to be involved in the local Pokemon GO community, but it's apparently on Facebook and I don't want to be involved THAT badly. I got into the EX Raid because I showed up on the Plaza on Community Day along with 300 other players, and so got into some pick-up raids against Mewtwo.

Anyway, I have a Deoxys and a Mewtwo now and this is pretty cool. I still do not feel leet.

I went to Progpower with Alinsa (and sucked her into playing Pokemon GO with me). It was a fun trip! I enjoyed the company more than the show this time, but the company was great. I also drove to Lawrence to see my friend Jen, which is to become a monthly event. \o/


I accomplished last month's goals with the exception of "final title for Frost". I would just go with "Frost", but I like having distinctive titles for my books and there are a lot of books with that title. I am leaning towards "Frost and Desire". Other possibilities are "Frost and Thistle" (the names of the protagonists), and "Lord Frost", which I like and the title character despises. I feel like I should get farther from my initial concept here but my efforts in that direction were all things I liked less. "Sorcery and Desire"? "The Things You Did Not Teach Me"? Meh.

Goals for coming month

* Take care of Lut
* Finish final edits on Frost
* Finish first draft of The Princess, Her Prince, and Their Dragon
* Decide what I'm writing for Nanowrimo (I am vaguely thinking about either the third book in the Demon's Series, or "The Least of All Monsters", an idea I did world-building for several years ago but never figured out the plot. But by the time it's November, I will probably decide on something else entirely.) This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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