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November in Review


I installed Google Fit on my phone, which is nice in that it automatically tracks both walking and biking correctly as long as I'm carrying my phone. No need to have it open or to turn it on or tell it that I'm exercising. It is much better at this than I would've expected. Yes, I have given up any pretense of privacy in preference for convenience.

Google Fit doesn't produce any nice reports for me, which is a shame. You have all this data, Google, why won't you at least spit it out on a .csv for me? Meh. Maybe there'll be an upgrade.

Anyway, I did a bunch of biking and walking and generally walked or biked for at least 30 minutes a day and usually more like an hour. I did a lot more biking in November than I usually do; normally I quit biking as soon DST ends, because it's too dark to bike after work. But Pokemon GO is enough motivation to get me out of the house a little early in the morning and bike around a bit before work. The cold is annoying, less because "I am cold while biking" and more because "I am wearing so much stuff to keep warm that it is less pleasant to bike." So when the weather has been clear and there isn't snow on the road, I've been getting in 45 minutes or an hour of biking.

I feel like this is a reasonable amount of activity and also much less than I was getting before Lut was hospitalized. Because I used to spend 40 minutes commuting to work on foot and didn't count that as exercise, and now I'm basically saying "the equivalent of that walk is good enough."


On Lut's front: the good news is, the oncologist said that his multiple myeloma work up looks great: virtually in remission.

The bad news is, Lut still has zero energy for anything. I don't think people understand what I mean when I say "zero energy", so let me clarify: "too tired to do literally anything, including watch videos, for most of the day." He sleeps a lot, and also spends a lot of time not technically asleep but lying in bed doing nothing because he's too tired to focus on anything. It's not clear what's causing the extreme fatigue or if it's going to improve.

The oncologist also asked if we would want to try the bone marrow transplant process again. This question caused Lut and I to turn to each other. "..."

Oncologist: "Well, you don't have to decide right now."

The BMT team had said that chemotherapy would weaken Lut's stem cells and so a transplant would not be feasible in the future. But Lut's only had immunotherapy since the failure to collect stem cells, so our oncologist doesn't think that will disqualify him.

Neither of us are keen to go through all of that again. I am probably more willing to do it than Lut is. I am also more willing to do the part where he got a few days of shots and then spent a few days trying to collect, than I am to do the last-ditch part where it went "heavy dose of chemo and then three weeks of shots every day". The whole thing was grueling, though. And it never actually worked. I feel like I want a better idea of the chances it will go better this time, and I don't know if anyone will be able to give odds. :| Anyway, Lut and I should discuss this further.


I wrote 57,500 words on The Twilight Etherium, winning NaNoWriMo, yay. I am 37% of the way through my outline, which would leave me with another 100k in this book. If that's the case, then I am definitely splitting this book into two parts. (There is a logical breakpoint in the middle, it's not a big deal if I do this.) I feel like I'm closer to halfway through, though, and if the book is 120k-ish I will leave it as one book.

Still kind of excited that I'm finally writing the ACTUAL THIRD BOOK in a series. Yes, technically The Pirncess, Her Dragon and Their Prince is in the same setting as the Etherium novels, but it's set in one of the mortal worlds and I may well cut out the brief section that takes place on the fey shard; it's critical to the backstory for one character, but it's not a crucial part of the narrative arc and it's several thousand words. Anyway, I'm planning to market Princess as a standalone, maybe with some mention that it's in the fey multiverse.

The Business of Writing

Alinsa sent me the initial e-book of Frost and Desire, and I finished proofing it this morning. I still have to do the back matter/front matter stuff, and the cover still needs layout. Still, will probably get it released this month.

I also talked to a new artist about doing the cover for Princess, so that is exciting. I need to send them more details about character appearance and stuff this weekend.


I am still playing Pokemon GO, but not as obsessed with it as I was a couple of months ago. Also, it's cold outside. The appeal of roaming around outside with snow on the ground in freezing weather and with limited daylight is considerably diminished.

But this is Community weekend, and they've made a few normally-scarce-and-also-powerful Pokemon common spawns for the whole weekend, so I'll be spending a chunk of time this weekend playing to get those. I am excited to finally get some Dragonites and Tyranitars! And get my silver Dragon Tamer cheevo. :D (I have gold badges for all the pokemon types except Dragon, at this point. I don't think one weekend where dragons are one of the usual spawns will be enough to get that badge to gold. Dragons are, generally, super-rare.) Oh, and also it's purportedly possible to get the limited-time


I went to visit Jenn yesterday, and dragged her out of the house and into the drizzling cold for an hour to play Pokemon, so clearly I'm not over Pokemon yet. n_n (We spent more time cuddling and in the hot tub than on Pokemon, I'm not a total monster). Also went to Contra KC earlier in the month and had a good time.


I don't have any idea, to be honest. I spent some of the month being excited and happy to be working on The Twilight Etherium, and some of it happy to be socializing with friends online or off, and some of it just exhausted and burned out on everything. I don't know what this averages out to.

Goals for coming month

* Care for Lut
* Get remaining bits for Frost release to Alinsa. Release book if it's ready this month.
* Get commission info to artist for the Princess cover
* Yeah I think that's it.

I'm not even putting any stretch goals down this time. Maybe I will do some writing, on The Twilight Etherium or something else, or maybe I will start edits on Princess. I'm not going to swear off of all work. I'm just going to declare work pretty optional this month. I've been telling myself I'd take a break "just as soon as I finish [x]" since September. Well, I finished NaNoWriMo. I'm taking a break. My 2019 releases can wait until 2019.

*falls over*

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