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April in Review

I think I exercised a little less than in March, but neither of the apps I am tracking with are good at comparing month-over-month data. So annoying. Google Fit will track walking and biking automatically but its manual options to track other kinds of workouts are bad, when not outright nonfunctional. I track everything in RealAppeal but it has no export function and it won't spit the data back out in any useful fashion. Honestly, I find this incredibly annoying. What is the point to making apps that are good at recording data if they aren't going to GIVE ME THE DATA BACK? x_x

RealAppeal's site actually does something worse: it offers charts that claim to go back for, eg, 60 days, but instead of showing 60 days worth of data, it takes 12 data points on days 5 days apart and assumes your exercise/consumption on the days in between falls on a straight line between those points. That's ... not how anything works, RA. That is TERRIBLE.

At some point, I should either contact them to see if they can get me an extract, or look for a new tracking app. Meh.

Anyway, I know I spent a lot more time cleaning in April than in March, and counting cleaning in lieu of other exercise. And I think I skipped days more days entirely.

But I've been eating some fruits and vegetables and my weight hasn't gone up, so good enough.

I finished the outline for Spark of Desire, the gratuitous polyamorous sequel to Frost and Desire, and started writing it. I got about 13,000 words written in April. Guess I'm doing this.

Oh! And I also have Fun Writing Process News about this! I spent a lot more time on the outline than usual, trying to work out all the bugs beforehand instead of expecting to solve them on the fly. Once I had a complete outline, I dumped it into a spreadsheet and estimated the word count for each bullet point on the outline. To my astonishment, so far my per-point word count estimates have been mostly accurate or on the high side. I have added one scene that wasn't on the outline, which took 2000 words. Including that scene, the manuscript is at 16,800 words (3,800 of which was written so far in May). My estimate for my wordcount by this stage of the draft: 17,000. Woo! The estimated total length is 99,500 (someday I will write an outline for a book that's 50-60,000 words, but Today Is Not That Day). Anyway, I was at the 13% mark at the end of April, and for once I feel like that is a reasonable estimate and not just a wild guess.

The Business of Writing
I finished final edits on The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince, adding another 4000 words or so. Alinsa has sent me back an early e-pub for proofreading. I have not started the final proofread yet. I should really start that. And also do all the back/front matter stuff that I've skipped so far.

I thought about drawing a few times but nope.

I did drag out all of my physical art supplies and threw away a lot of old dead paint and paintbrushes. I could not bring myself to get rid of most of the art supplies that are still good but that I have not actually used in the last few years. Which would be, basically, all physical art supplies. I rarely have the urge to do illustrations and when I do, I use the Surface. I am not a good illustrator but when I consider how little I practice this skill, it's a miracle I'm not much, much worse.

The art supplies culling also led to the discovery of some more unframed artwork that I've bought over the years from other artists. (I have exactly one piece of my own art hanging on my walls, and I'm probably going to take it down and replace it with something else soon. I went on a framing spree. I need to put some more nails in the walls so I can hang things. Also look for unused wall space. We're kind of low on that. Lut doesn't think there's enough room for all the newly framed art, and I'm pretty sure he's right.

Lut and I made it to a game night at Tabletop! We even played a game! It was a fun one, Space Base. Hopefully we'll remember to go again this week.

I also have a new addiction: "Love Nikki, Dress UP Queen", a phone app game. I am not going to talk about Love Nikki here because there is too much to say.

I still check in on periodically but since the game never really grabbed me, I dunno how long I will continue to do so., the gamification-of-writing site I've been using for three years, ran a CampNano event so terrible that they extended it for 12 days to make up for the fact that much of the playerbase was confused and upset by it. April wasn't a big writing month for me, so I was going to just go back to the regular sidequests I'd been working on before the event started. But with the extension, I may finish it after all. We'll see. If I do finish it, the odds that I will write a long post about Love Nikki dramatically increase. c_c

Oh hey I am no longer grimly depressed. It's weird how sometimes I don't really notice the variance in my mood until previous updates remind me. Anyway, April was a pretty good month, all in all.

Goals for coming month
  • Proofread The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince
  • Complete front/back matter for same.
  • Write 15,000 words of fiction or make a dent on initial edits for the Eclipse novelette and The Twilight Etherium. (Decisions made for the novelette will affect The Twilight Etherium, so these two tasks go together to a certain degree.) Or some combination of writing and initial edits. The big goal is to wrap up everything I need to do on Princess, but since that shouldn't take a whole month, I do want to get something else done as well.
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