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May in Review

I exported my data from Google Fit in an effort to crunch it. According to Google Fit, my daily activity has been between 69 and 58 minutes a month for the seven months that I've been using the app. May was actually the low, at 58 minutes, but 58 minutes a day still strikes me as plenty.

It turns out that Google has a calories-used estimator that's supposed to include your base metabolic rate, which is kind of cool. Google thinks I have been burning an average of 1837 calories per day for the last seven months, with a monthly high of 1893 in March and a low of 1796 in February. My average for May was 1837. I suspect this number is higher than the "minutes of exercise" would suggest because Google factors in things like step-counting that happen outside of formal exercise. I did start making a point of using the downstairs bathroom at work, and keeping my drinks in the downstairs fridge, so that I'd have a reason to get up and walk around a little more when at work.

I suspect Google is undercounting my calorie usage rate. I track calories consumed in RealAppeal, and that has generally averaged a little under 1800 calories per day for the last four-five months. (RealAppeal doesn't have an export function, so this is an estimate based on eyeballing their weekly summaries.) By Google's metrics, I should've lost maybe 2-3 pounds during a period where I've lost 9. RealAppeal thinks my metabolic rate before exercise is higher than Google thinks it is including exercise.

Based on the rate at which I've been losing weight, I'd guess my actual average usage is around 2000.

Anyway, numbers are fun. Exercise is going fine. Eating food that isn't mostly sugar remains a work in progress, but I am doing better than usual.

I wrote 20,600 words of Spark of Desire in May. I am a third of the way through my outline now. My initial estimate of the draft's length at the this point was 33,500 words, and the actual length is 33,600, so the by-bullet-point estimates remain spookily accurate. I was running long for a while, but then got to a collection of three points and realized I'd already covered most of them. So right on track again.
Writing is a bit of a slog; it's been especially difficult to motivate myself to write on the days where I work or take Lut to appointments. But I am over my goal for the month, so good enough.

I also started work on an outline for a standalone sequel in the setting of The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince. The idea is for a mock-Gothic novel and omigosh, it's adorable. I am absolutely writing it if Princess does well. I might write it even if Princess doesn't, we'll see. Outline still needs significant work first. I do like the idea of having multiple outlines that are already completed for future books; makes the transition between projects easier and gives me more options.

The Business of Writing
I finished proofreading The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince, and sent corrections to Alinsa. I also completed the front and back matter for the book and sent those. Alinsa made the corrections, and added the new stuff. I have checked the new copy over and sent back a much smaller round of corrections today. So it's getting closer! There are still a bunch of fiddly layout things left for Alinsa to do, however.

I poked at edits for the Eclipse novelette, which needs a title beyond "Eclipse novelette". I did not really get anywhere on editing it.

Put a smidge more work into the Frost/Thistle picture I started ages ago, but not much.

For various reasons/excuses, Lut and I did not go to the game store for gaming night again until last Thursday. But we did finally make it out again! We met a man named Rick and played WarhammerQuest with him. It's a co-op game a little like Thunderstone, or like using cards to generate the dungeon for a D&D game. The rules were not well-written, but we had a good time.

I remain cheerfully addicted to Love Nikki.

I started playing Pokemon Go more again, from a combination of "improving weather" plus "in-game events that I wanted to do" plus "I exchanged trainer codes with a new handful of online acquaintances so now I have motivation to get gifts again."

Been feeling pretty good. Still so glad that I only work 20 hours a week now.

Report Card for May Goals
* Proofread The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince: Done!
* Complete front/back matter for same: Also done!
* Write 15,000 words of fiction or make a dent on initial edits for the Eclipse novelette and The Twilight Etherium: I did the "write fiction" part of this and overachieved. Have not made a dent in edits.

Goals for coming month
* Keep up with general adulting and helping Lut
* Visit Terry! (I am going to be in the Seattle area from June 21-24, if anyone wants to meet up.)
* Do anything else necessary on my end to get Princess ready for publication.
* Write 15,000 words of fiction.
* Start editing the Eclipse novelette.

That looks like enough

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