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The Twilight Etherium: Call for First Readers!

Hey everyone!
I have completed initial edits on The Twilight Etherium!  And you all know what that means: time for first readers!
This is a polyamorous fantasy romance starring the lead characters from The Moon Etherium. It's possible to read this book as a standalone, but you'll enjoy it more if you've read The Moon Etherium.
Message me or leave a comment with your email address if you'd like to be a first reader!  Comments are screened.  You can also message me on Twitter @ladyrowyn.  Blurb is below!
Since the harrowing adventures of two and half years ago, Mirohirokon has married his love, Ardent Sojourner, and settled into a quiet life on her farm in Try Again.
That peace is interrupted by the arrival of Ardent's ex-wife, Whispers Rain.  With her comes harrowing news: Stalks Hunter, a sadistic, violent fey, has evaded the surveillance of the Moon Etherium justiciary, and left the fey shard with the intent to conquer and enslave a mortal kingdom. Only Ardent -- entrusted with Sun King's arcane tools -- has the power to stop him.
Thus begins a journey into the foreign and unpredictable world of mortal people. To save these mortals, the fey must risk being stranded in this harsh land. It is a risk Miro is prepared to take, as long as he is at his wife's side.
But is he prepared for Ardent's unabated love for her former wife?
Or his own growing attraction to Whispers Rain?
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