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November 2020 in Review


Avg calories consumed: 2010 Avg exercise per day: 114 Weight: 170.6

About a third of the calories-consumed counts for November were total guesses. My calorie counts are not very precise anyway; there's a lot of food where I don't bother to measure out how much I'm eating and just guess after the fact.  But November was much worse than usual: several days, I didn't log at the time at all and so I'd put down 2000 or 2100 calories for the day afterward so that the formulas that calculates averages wouldn't get mucked up.

My exercise numbers are about right, however -- my phone automatically logs my walks, and I remembered to add in the one time I did exercise other than walking. So I was able to reconstruct those numbers.

Honestly, my month-in-review could pretty much say "I won NaNoWriMo, the end." Everything else got shunted off to one side until December.

Still, my weight trended down in November, so ... yay? I'm about where I was back in January.

I feel like these statistics make me come across as a lot more invested and concerned with my weight than I actually am. I am happy with way I look! My main motivation here is "eating chocolate because you're bored or stressed is an ineffectual coping mechanism", and "my family has a history of knee problems so it would be good not to put more stress on mine." There is a smidge of "it'd be nice to wear these clothes that fit me when I was 130 lbs," but it's not a big factor. I'm perfectly fine with what I weigh, and I was fine with what I weighed when I was 184, too. But eating chocolate doesn't actually reduce my stress levels, while exercising does. So it's less a measure for its own sake than a barometer of how well I'm coping with life in general. 

And, yeah, "coping but not coping that well" does about cover it.


I won NaNoWriMo!  I won it on the 26th, with plenty of time to spare, and then more-or-less stopped writing for the rest of the month. My total count was 51,666. My graph is all over the place. My first day was over 5000 and the second day over 4000, and then there were four more days that were over 3000. The rest of the month bounced between 1 and 2600-ish words.

This was the most relaxed NaNoWriMo I've done. My only other commitment was my day job, and with two holidays in November plus me taking two other days off, I worked less than 80 hours total. So I'm a little surprised that I logged just-barely-a-win, in contrast to the 70k+ I wrote in 2016 when I was still working full time and also attended a convention in November and did cooking for Thanksgiving. OTOH, about 20k of that win was on a BSDM erotica novel that I am too embarrassed to publish, so. It's fine. n_n

This year's win was split between two books:

Demon's Alliance: Had already written 48,133 words in September and October. Finished in November at 74,842 words, which incidentally means I accomplished my 2020 stretch goal -- "write a book between 55,000 and 80,000 words that covers the entire outline for the original planned book." I'd forgotten this was even on the list. :D

Angel's Lure: Started writing in November, ended at: 24,955.

I ended up counting some false starts for scenes, because I didn't want my word count for Nano to drop, so I will probably cut some of those words later. Also, there's one scene that I thought would be that beginning of Angel's Lure and that I may still end up using near the middle somewhere, so I don't want to just throw it away like I normally do.

The Business of Writing

I published a book! Spark of Desire was released in mid-November. Still waiting on the print copy, but the e-book is out now.  I did not talk this book up as much as I usually do on social media, so I feel like I should give it another nudge. I love this book and Spark contains my very favorite scene to re-read, out of all of my books, so I want to share it with more people!

I don't have any more ideas for books in this setting, but one of my reader-friends made puppy-dog eyes at me about it so I am keeping myself open to it. The main characters from Spark are mostly middle-aged at this point, and it might be fun to have them as supporting cast, in the role of quasi-wise mentor, to some future cast. 


My Kindle app says I skipped 4 days in November. I realized I'd broken my streak at one point and then went "meh" and didn't try to fix it, which was probably one or two of those days.

I did finish a book last month, though. Albeit an illustration-heavy book so probably not as many words as an average novel. But yay finishing a thing!

Anyway, "read 26 days out of 30 and finished a book" is pretty good by my current (low) standards. :D


On November 29, I looked at my 2020 goals and realized that "make an art each month" was on the list.  I ended up doing a quickie abstract landscape-ish thing on the 30th so I could keep that resolution for November. I already blew this one for the year. Technically I did at least a little bit of art every month, but a few months my art-time was almost all devoted to "keep working on this One Thing that's taking several months to finish." I might be able to make a month-by-month collage with a combination of B&W sketches and more-finished works, though. We'll see.


I played a bunch of Race for the Galaxy in their "Arena" mode. I am a good player but not top-tier, is my general impression at this game.  Every now and then luck favors me and I reach the top 10, and I'm like "that's not gonna last" and then I have a bad run and descend to like 200th place. :D

I thought about playing Civ V several times, but then I'd think "do I have something else that I would find more rewarding to do for several hours?" and do that instead.

Still playing both Love Nikki and Dress Up! Time Princess.  Still like DUTP much better, although the path I have taken in the story book I'm going through now is pretty squicky. Now and again I think about going back to where the story split and then I remember it involves making gaga eyes at a character I can't stand and NOPE. In Magic Lamp and Queen Marie, I felt like you could kind of play it as 'not attracted to anyone' but in Gotham Memoirs, you get told repeatedly how you adore whichever guy you're with; no option to avoid it. Although maybe the stories did thrust some attraction on me but I didn't notice as much because I liked the male leads in the other two stories. Whereas in real life I would have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with either of the love interests in Gotham Memoirs. "Do I want the arrogant jerk who insults and orders me around, or the polite, respectful man who's an actual mob boss? NONE OF THE ABOVE K THX LEAVING NOW." 

Love Nikki had a big event for a couple of weeks at the end of November. I tried a few times to muster some enthusiasm for it but NOPE. It had a very cheap (in-game currency that I already have) suit so I did get that, but that was it. Still not feeling any urge to give Love Nikki money ever again.    

I'm still playing both Soul Scribes and 4thewords and two writing incentive games is great, y'all. I love it.

November Goal Scorecard

My goals for last month were "Win Nano" and "Assist Lut" and I did both of these things, yay!

December Goals

  • Look into switching phone plans. I am officially a "remote always" employee, meaning I will never work from an office again. I stopped playing Pokemon GO basically altogether in November. I think it's been a week since I even opened the app. Having an unlimited voice-and-data phone plan when I'm on a wireless network 98% of the time is silly. If it's a huge hassle to switch, I absolve myself of not actually switching. But if all I have to do is go to a website and fill out a form, I should really do that.
  • Make a final editing list for The Lord, His Monster, and Their Lady. I actually have a final edits list already, but I don't think it's specific enough, so I want to refine it some more. Hopefully this will make it easier to do actual final edits.
  • Complete some editing points for The Lord, His Monster, and Their Lady.
  • Figure out the timeline for Angel's Grace. I put down the dates for each scene of Demon's Alliance but I never did that for Angel's Grace and I only have a vague idea of when the characters are now.
  • Write some more of Angel's Grace
  • Make an art.

Stretch Goal

Finish editing The Lord, His Monster, and Their Lady. I guess technically since Alinsa is still doing the print layout for Spark, I have not left my layout wuff with no work.  Still, it bothers me not to have a new book in the publishing pipeline.  Plus, if I finish editing this in 2020 then I will have finished the drafts of three books and the final edits of three (other) books in 2020, which will be pretty amazing for this freakishly terrible year.

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