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2020 (for me) in Review and 2021 Goals

takes a moment to dance on 2020's grave

I made some goals for 2020! I wonder what they were?

looks them up

2020 Goal Scorecard:

  • Continue caregiving for Lut: Done!
  • Publish two books: Done!
  • Publish The Mortal Prince and the Moon Etherium: Done!
  • Finish drafting two books: OVERACHIEVED! I finished three. *Do enough maintenance on house to keep it from falling down around us: Done!
  • Make one color picture every month: Ehhhh kinda.
  • Continue to track food & exercise: I did a half-hearted job of this the last few months, but I'm gonna give this a "done" anyway. I'm not gonna say that some sloppiness a few missed weeks outweighs the 40+ weeks of fairly accurate data.
  • Post monthly updates: Done!
  • Check goal list when I post them: I did this ... some of the time? There's a reason I put "look at goals" on the January goal list. -_-

Stretch goals:

  • Write a book in the 55,000-80,000 word range which covers the entire outline for the book: Done! Demon's Alliance was projected at 67,000 words, and came in at 74,800. GOOD WORK ME. I had absolutely forgotten that this was a stretch goal by the time I did it.

Some details!



  • The Twilight Etherium (first round of edits and part of final round was 2019, finished final round in 2020)
  • Spark of Desire
  • The Lord, His Monster, and Their Lady


  • The Lord, His Monster, and Their Lady (46,089)
  • Fellwater (began 2016 and worked on in desultory fashion in 2017-2019. 28,800 new words in 2020)
  • Demon's Alliance (74,842)

Incomplete Drafts:

  • Angel's Grace (31,100)

Total word count for 2020 was about 180,800. This is about the same as last year's total and about half of 2018's total. 2020 was hard, I'm good with this.


Despite my monthly updates on art being consistently "I fell down on this one", I actually did a number of drawings this year and spent a chunk of time on art.

January: Worth, forest fire drawing
February: incomplete crowd-sourced prompt sketch, cover for The Twilight Etherium
March: Spark of Desire cover
April: Moar Spark of Desire cover
May: Whispers Rain portrait, relative-sizes sketch for the Romance PBEM
June: The Lord, His Monster, and Their Lady cover
July: Three alphabet sketches
August: Lord cover, couple of meh portraits.
September: Raven portrait
October: Abstract Etherium-inspired scenery things
November: Etherium-inspired landscape
December: Mask on Lut's avatar

So I actually will make a 2020 month-by-month picture like I wanted to, even if it is gonna have some repetition/mediocre pictures in it.

Home Maintenance:

Aw yeah I got it ALL DONE.

  • Roof replaced
  • Siding repaired
  • Weather-damaged window frames repaired or replaced
  • House painted


In early March, as the pandemic started to look serious for the USA, I asked my boss to get me remote access. I went on staycation before the shutdowns began, and when my staycation ended, I started working from home. In October, I became an official only-works-from-home employee. I now have a dedicated work laptop with a docking station and a KVM switch (all bank-provided) so that I can use my own peripherals with it. (The bank would've given me peripherals instead of the switch, but I really don't have anywhere to put another set of monitors.)

Working from home is very nice. I'd always assumed that working from home is one of those things that sounds better in principle than it is in practice, but nope, I love it. I am especially looking forward to the part where I can wait for snow to melt instead of having to shovel out my car and/or walk to work in snow boots. My area gets a few snows every year, but we usually have enough days above freezing that the snow will melt off in a week or less. For example, it's snowing as I write this, but the Sunday and Monday highs are around 40 so it may be melted off by Wednesday. I might have to shovel snow a time or two in order to get groceries, but we'll see.


Given the Many Challenges of 2020, I feel pretty great about how much I got done. PRETTY GREAT. Lemme tell you.

So I guess I need some 2021 goals. Last year's goals were pretty good, let's just use most of those again.

Goals for 2021

  • Continue caregiving for Lut
  • Publish two books
  • Finish drafting two books
  • Continue to track food & exercise
  • Post monthly updates.
  • Put month & year goal list in your bullet journal so you'll actually remember to look at it. Also, look at it.

Stretch Goals

  • Make an art every month. Part of an art counts if it's a complicated art.
  • Finish outlines for two books
  • Read 12 books
  • Read a little every day (of a book you didn't write)
  • Eat a little less and/or exercise a little more than you did in 2020
  • Promote your books a little
  • Write 50 blog posts

This looks like plenty.

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