Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

January Art

I apparently didn’t set enough goals plus stretch goals for January, because I’m running out of goals to complete and I’ve already done all but one.

One of the goals was “make an art”. I’ve been doing some work on art every week this month, but most of it is on the eternally incomplete cover for The Lord, His Monster, and Their Lady. Which I need to finish soon because Alinsa got the draft of the e-book to me, so we’re getting close to the point where “no cover” is the reason I can’t publish it yet. o_o;;

But I took a break to doodle a picture of the Anesh Archipelago from the Demon’s Series. Because I finished drafting book 4 this month so I’ll need covers for those books soon too. Oog. I miss commissioning book covers. Anyway, this is definitely not a book cover, it’s just me thinking about how the setting looks. During a storm-cloud-filled sunrise, in this case.

Storm brewing in Anesh

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Tags: art, demon's lure

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