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I think I've gotten all the votes I'm going to: two for Hope, two for Prophecy, and one 'I like them both! When are you posting more?' (Thank you, Steelwren. :)

I think I will go with Prophecy, in part because I've been thinking about it more lately, but mostly because the people who voted for it were enthusiastic about it, and the people who picked Hope could've been thinking ''s not as bad as that other one, at least' for all I could tell. :)

(If you really did like Hope a lot, don't worry. It's taken me thirty years to come up with two ideas I liked enough to consider developing into complete novels at this point. If I finish Prophecy, odds are I will go back to Hope.)

I'm not going to post any more chapters to the web. I figure if I'm going to try to sell this eventually, I shouldn't be giving it away for free to the world. Moreover, there may be copyright issues involved, or whatnot. Last, if anyone's reading it, at this stage, I want to know that that they are.

On that note: if you want to read further installments, let me know and I will email them to you.

For those who are interest in readng more, I'm curious as to whether you'd like the "spoilers" or "no-spoilers" versions. When I write, I don't necessarily do so in chronological order, or even in the sequence that things will appear in the book. (The first thing I wrote for Prophecy appears at the beginning of the second chapter, for example.) If I send out chunks as I finish them, the reader may have an...interesting...time putting the story together. You 'd get to see the the piece as it unfolds from my eyes, however, and you'd have a better chance of influencing plot directions. (If I send you the outline -- no, it's not written yet -- and you tell me this event, that culminates from the action of the last 14 chapters, is stupid, I'm more likely to change it then if I've already written out 14 chapters to get there)

OTOH, having an audience who doesn't know what's going to happen next and can be genuinely surprised by events would be nice, too. So I figure I'll leave it up to the volunteers how much they want to know in advance.
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