Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Talk Show Inconsideration

I've been jamming away at work, plowing through the results of all my research in two+ year old payment reports. Phew. I've got more to go that I realized, initially, but at least I've got amounts and dates and stuff to pin the various discrepancies on. Progress!

I'm feeling sort of restless on my lunch break. I ate lunch even faster than usual, so I could escape the TV set. My co-workers were watching "Jenny Jones". Now I know: talk shows are worse than soap operas. The talk-show script are inferior, the pacing is incoherent, the dialogue is dreadful, and the content is insulting. And, what's worst from my perspective, the talk shows are harder to ignore. I can tune out soap operas, but the talk show was full of disjointed jumps and screaming, so it kept grabbing my attention, whether I wanted to focus on it or not.

She had a bunch of body-building women on. They looked like typical tall, heavily muscled women, except that they had massive breasts, which made me wonder if they'd had implants; most of the body builders I've seen in the past had muscles that dwarfed their breasts. Anyway, this was all fine with me; I thought they looked nice enough in a muscular sort of way. However, they'd apparently stocked the audience with rude idiots. What is it, do they tell people at the door "Hey, shout out insults whenever you feel like it, you're on TV, doesn't matter how much of a dumb jerk you look like"?

It seems to me there was a time when the audience on talk shows displayed some sympathy, or at least basic human consideration, for the guests.

I guess the ratings on "consideration" must not be as good.

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