Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

She's Got Problems

Something's wrong with the upload from my home computer. I'm having all kinds of trouble sending email, posting journal entries, even FTPing files to my website and MUCKing. Bizarrely, I haven't (yet) had any trouble leaving comments in other people's journals. It's almost (but not quite) like the problem is connected to the size of the document I'm sending -- large bad, small OK.

Moreover, just *trying* to send something it deems "bad" hoses my entire connection for several minutes. Having Outlook open with an email to go in the outbox was enough to kill all activity for pretty much as long as I left it open. But once I moved the email out (and it was a short email, too), bing, I'm receiving fine again. So I can hear: I just can't talk. I may even be able to MUCK okay, as long as I don't try sending emails or posting entries or FTPing.

Lut's looking into it. His computer is having apparently unrelated hardware problems.


You know, all I do right now is MUCK, webbrowse, and send email. Linux is starting to look awfully good. However, Lut is wedded to Windoze by its game supply (don't blame him for that) and I'm betting the challenge of getting a Linux box working with the same cablemodem a Windoze box uses is well beyond the limits of his patience. And his patience vastly exceeds mine. No, I'm much too lazy to migrate. I'm even too lazy to try to figure out what happened to kill my upload capability. (It's probably the Evil Entry. It all seems to have started then -- it's just gotten worse since.)

Anyway ... um. If you don't hear from me, this is why. If things get worse, the game Sunday may have to be postponed. Dunno yet.
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