Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Computer problems, part two

Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions! I seem to be doing ... better? tonight. I'm not sure, really. It's almost as though there are certain Forbidden Documents. The same thing that I couldn't email Monday, I still can't email now. But I can send other emails. The same file I couldn't FTP Monday? Can't FTP it now, either. Entry I couldn't post Monday? Can't post it.

But I can post this. I've posted other large blocks of texts, and then deleted them, several times. I've sent other emails. I've FTP'd other files. Bleah. I give up. I'm just going to pretend that everything works fine, and whatever I can't send/post from home, I'm going to put on disk and send from work.

Lut and I tried swapping net cards, which doesn't seem to have made much, if any, difference.

We installed Kerio Personal Firewall, which does seem to be helping things overall. If nothing else, it's told "GO AWAY" to several unrecognizable IP addresses that were trying to get to Lut's machine or mine. And the mysterious grinding of my harddrive has cleared up with its installation.

So, I'm happier. I'm not sure if I'm actually happier because things are better, or if it's just because I'm sick of being bummed about this mess. Or because it's Wednesday and not Monday anymore.

Well, I won't look a gift happiness in the mouth.

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