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I gotta just bite the bullet and start going to lunch every day promptly at 11AM. At that time, I can often catch the lunch room empty (so no one's watching the TV), and there's no 10-minute wait for the microwave. They've hired a lot of people recently, and expanded the location, but we still only have one microwave. And one breakroom. I wish we have a no-TV breakroom.

If I packed a PBJ, maybe I could get away with not going downstairs for lunch at all.

Ummm. I want to write about something less whiny.

I quietly made quota for Prophecy last month. I say "quietly" because I didn't make much noise about it in my journal, for once. Or on FOD, which I've all-but-abandoned. It was something of a struggle, coming down to another last-minute crunch at the end of the month, but I did it.

This month is shaping up to be another month of last-minute-crunches, which is starting to look so normal to me it hardly even merits comment. I get so sick of writing from the previous month's "last minute crunch" that I ... wait, I'm whinging again. Rats. Anyway, I did well last night, after doing very little in the previous five days. Yay for me. I really should get back in the habit of emailing completed snippets to GW and Kynia. I've got at least half a dozen I've never showed anyone.
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