Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Dragon dreams

I've been dreaming about sythyry the last couple of nights. I don't know why zie's been in my dreams. Maybe my subconscious is trying to remind me that I still haven't completed my end of the pottery swap. O.O;;

I don't recall the details from yesterday's dream, and only a little bit from this morning's, but I'll write down what I remember.

Sythyry was attending a ball, accompanied by a human (well, this obviously isn't a World Tree dream) male who looked suspiciously like Kildare. There was something very interesting going on in terms of plot, but I've already forgotten too much of it to quite make sense of it now.

I think that Sythyry had a small golden crystal orb, which originally zie had lent to another person (probably an Orren) also attending the same great ball. However, the hosts of the ball wanted this orb, and they'd enchanted the Orren holding the orb so that she'd give it to them. Sythyry had worked out that this was happening, and retrieved zer orb before the hosts could get it. Then zie and Kildare were trying to make a hasty escape. Zie was worried that the hosts would think to magick Kildare into betraying zer, but that hadn't happened yet. They were at a window, and Kildare was helping Sythyry get out through it when he suddenly turned -- the hosts had just gotten to him, too. I don't know why they didn't do the same to Sythyry

Sythyry slipped out through the window, carrying the orb, and leaving Kildare on his own. Zie thought that the hosts wouldn't do anything to him, apart from using him to try to get the orb, but zie did feel a pang about abandoning him.

The last thing I remember was Sythyry thinking something like, "This is not altogether good: they are many and powerful and all of their forces will be searching for me, and I am only one. Fortunately, I am small, and good at hiding."

The whole dream was narrated from the first-person by Sythyry, just like zer journal.

I don't have much else to say, except that Kildare and Sythyry made a striking pair, with the grey man in Victorian-esque finery and .the "small blue [winged] cave lizard" beribboned and shoulder-riding. Maybe I should've made Madden a miniature dragon instead.

Perhaps not; that'd rather have confused the central plot.
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