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This has been quite a good, productive weekend for me, overall.

I completed my August quota for Prophecy yesterday, at 2PM, with a good ten hours to spare. All kinds of time. I briefly considered doing more writing, but opted not to, so that I could use the ideas I had in mind towards September's quota.

The original Master Plan did not allow word-stockpiling. I couldn't "carry over" extra words written from one week or month to the next. Originally, I planned this on the theory that (a) I like writing, and I will therefore be willing to keep doing it just 'cause it's fun, at least some of the time and (b) I have an ascending chart of goals, so I need to do better than the minimum periodically anyway, just to make the next level.

Well, since I've already passed the one year mark without making the one-year goal, and since I am going to finish the rough draft before the second year is up, the latter justification isn't applicable from month to month anymore. Moreover, the whole thing is actually discouraging me, mildly, from working on the book. Generally, I have resisted making changes to the Master Plan, like lowering quotas so they'd be easier to hit, because I don't want to get this done slower. However, it strikes me that this particular aspect is purely psychological and has no bearing on how quickly or slowly I get the whole thing written.

And since its psychological impact is not beneficial -- what the heck, I'm changing it. From here on out, I am officially permitting myself to carry excess writing from a previous month into the next month. Further, I can carry excess writing from one week to the next week's, provided I've already made enough progress that month that I'll make that month's quota without doing that week's writing. So if I finish 9500 words in the first three weeks of September, I can take the last week off And if I do 10,000 words in September, I only have to do 9,000 words in October.

There. I don't know if this will make a difference in my productivity or not, but it shouldn't do any harm.

Anyway, I spent much of Sunday on the phone with various friends. At this rate, I may have to start regarding phone calls as an actual Thing That I Like. I seem to do a fair bit of it recently.

In addition to writing for Prophecy, I did three sketches for bard_bloom. I'm finding Sythyry to be quite a lot of fun to draw, in fact. I've always been fond of dragons, and the combination of dragon and feathers and miniature size just makes zir really nifty to draw. I'm sure the memories of the way zie looked in my dream on Saturday don't hurt any. So, anyway, I got some work done there and may someday be able to consider my end of the pottery exchange satisfied. :)

Today, Lut and I went to McDonald's for breakfast, because we were curious about their new "McGriddle" menu item, which came highly recommended by Schlock Mercenary's creator, Howard Tayler. We got the sausage, egg & cheese ones. They were interesting. The pancake portion is, indeed, cleverly done: it tastes distinctly like a pancake with syrup, yet it's not at all messy. Actually, it tastes better than the typical pancake with fake maple syrup on it, if you ask me. But not as good as a real pancake with real maple syrup. The sausage/egg/cheese part was OK, but nothing new. I think I'd've been happy just eating the pancake portion and leaving the rest out.

This evening, we went out for sushi, to a restaurant that we haven't been to before, but which is only a few blocks away. The food was good; the prices were a bit higher than our usual place, I think. It was hard to compare, because our usual place frequently runs an almost buffet-style special that makes the price per piece lower, but which also lowers the quality of the sushi slightly, and the ability to get exactly what we want. Plus, we haven't been there for several months at least, and I just can't recall now what our usual tab runs.

We rented the anime version of "Metropolis", which we'll watch tomorrow night. Lut suggested starting it an hour ago, but I was already tired and I want to be awake to appreciate it.

I had meant to do some work on Unfiniished Tales, just to make my weekend complete. But I'm sleepy now, so I guess that's not happening. Ah well. It was a good weekend nonetheless. Much that was productive done, and much fun had. Even the prospect of work tomorrow morning hardly seems daunting. :)

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