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I think I'll write about my weekend. I hardly ever write about how I've spent my time, it seems.

This was not a particularly unusual weekend for me. Lut and I caught a late-night (11:00PM) showing of "Spider-man" on Friday. The last three movies we've seen in the theater--"Spider-man," "Fellowship of the Ring," "Harry Potter"--we've seen after 11PM. We were going to see Spider-man the opening weekend, but Rasheeka ran too late that Friday, and I was too tired to want to go on Saturday. So we went this weekend instead. The nice part of the late-late showings is that few people want to attend them. You go to the evening show on an opening weekend and the place is jammed or sold out. Matinees may not be sold out, but they will be stuffed with kids. At midnight, any parent who brings their children will be carrying their sleeping bodies home when it's over. (We did see a few of those at "Harry Potter.")

We liked "Spider-man." Lots of action, very pretty movie, handled some of the plot points from the comic very well. Wasn't impressed with the actress playing MJ, or the voice overs (which is a little sad--Spider-man's voice overs were a staple of the comics and the animated show, and I always liked them in that genre.) Tobey Maguire's Spider-man wasn't the smart-aleck, self-deprecating hero I remember. But he was fun to watch, and convincing in the part. I was impressed by their handling of the early parts of the story--Aunt May, Uncle Ben, initial realization of powers, etc. It was a good movie.

Lut enjoyed it but didn't like it enough to say "good movie" about it. Lut's fussier about what movies he likes than I am, I think. I can't remember the last movie we saw that he liked unequivocally. "Men in Black" might've been it.

The session I ran for Rasheeka was very short--just a couple of hours--but set the stage for the action for next week, so hopefully that'll be longer and more in-depth.

Saturday I went to a friend and former co-worker's graduation party. I only stayed for an hour or so...I only knew Nancy, the guest of honor, so I didn't have anyone else to talk to. She was happy to see me, though, so it was worthwhile. Just after I called Lut to come pick me up, another former co-worker, Monica, showed up--pity she hadn't been a little early, I'd've stayed longer to talk. Ah well. I'm not good at staying touch with non-gamers. I can manage converation about normal things all right -- I even enjoy it in limited qualities -- but parties and socializing aren't really my thing. I like to play games and write. I don't really understand people who don't share those interests. I mean, not that I think everyone should -- just that I don't relate to them as well if they don't.

I answered some email about writing -- mine and other people's -- on Saturday. Didn't get much else done. Sunday Lut and I played Dungeon Siege for several hours. DS is like Diablo 2 with better graphics. It's grown on me as we've played it -- I even played it for an hour or so by myself on Saturday night. It's not a thoughtful or intelligent game, but, what the heck. It's some fun and it's a game we can play together.

I also did laundry on Sunday, and wrote a one page piece for the Prophecy story, as much to maintain my illusion that yes, I am working on my writing, as for any other reason. I was thinking, as I carted laundry around: "I have an outline. I know what elements belong in this story. Surely I can think of something to write in connection with it." So I did. I wasn't too impressed with my results, but sent them to Kendra and Greywolf anyway. GW wrote back this morning with a couple of very positive comments, so maybe it was better than I thought.

And that wasn't so hard. Maybe I can do this after all.
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