Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Too Little, Too Late

[This is cross-posted from my OpenDiary, mainly to let anyone curious know that my OD name is now Rowyn, same as my LJ name. But also because I thought LJers might find it interesting.]

Well, OpenDiaryPlus and FreeOpenDiary are no more; we're all just OpenDiary again.

If this had happened, oh, twenty-one months ago, I'd be happy. Instead, I find myself slightly annoyed, and largely indifferent. I'm slightly annoyed because after the opening of OD+, someone took the name "Rowan". And when OD combined the two, the OD+ Rowan -- who came after me -- got to keep my name. I became "Rowan (2)". As if I were the second one.

No, I'm just the second-class citizen.

Everything about OD screams at me "second-class citizen". It took me over an hour to figure out how to post this entry. Apparently, OD has a new bells-and-whistles user interface, which is only visible if you have the appropriate bells-and-whistles enabled in your webbrowser.

I could turn the appropriate bells-and-whistles on for OD, but, in point of fact, OD is the reason I made them all default to "off" in the first place. OD has the advertising strategy of a porn site. I will not put them into my "trusted sites" list because I most certainly do not trust them.

At first, I thought OD had disabled updates for non-paying members, which seemed perfectly in character with OD's general "we hate you freeloaders" attitude to its non-paying members. I can access a few features from the menu bar; I can "add a favorite" though I can't otherwise get to my favorites list. Then I discovered Krud was still posting here, and I doubted he'd forked over for the pay service, so I figured posting must be possible.

Eventually, I wound my way to the sitemap, which provided me with a link to an update window. Yay.

The only reason to come to this site is to read Krud. (Ah, Krud, if only you'd made the leap to LJ successfully. But I understand why you like it better here.)

The only reason to keep this diary open is to preserve the notes people have left in it. I've got the entries themselves archived. Since my name was nuked, odds are even my friends won't be able to find me here any more. But it's not like I update here with anything worth reading, anyway.

Back in January of 2002, I wrote about how much I prefered the look and feel of OD to LJ. I don't any more, especially now that the site is nearly unusable without bells-and-whistles, and I expect unbearable with them. But even when I still favored OD's appearance, I had this to say:

"Overall, LiveJournal's operators have made me feel better about them and their business model than I'll ever feel about OpenDiary."

And in the end, that has made all the difference.
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