Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

An Apartment to Sink My Teeth In

I'm running behind on my friends list. Not far behind, just a day or so, but it's still unusual for me. I guess I've been busy. Monday I skipped lunch, because I had a dentist appointment and had lots of work to do. Tuesday, I stayed late to catch up on most of the work that I had to do, before the first of the month came by and snowed me under. I left two hours early so I could make the dentist appointment on Monday, and I still have put in 16 hours at work between Monday and Tuesday, which just seems odd to me.

My dentist wants me to call an oral surgeon and get at least three of my wisdom teeth pulled. (Two are impacted and likely to abcess, and one is more cavity than tooth. The fourth isn't in; the dentist said it's in my temple. At the time, I assumed he was joking, but it struck me afterwards that I really have no way of knowing. No, really, I do think he was exaggerating. Anyway, they don't expect that one to get yanked). I have X-rays and a phone number for the surgeon they refered me to, but I haven't called yet. I guess I'll do that tomorrow.

Tonight, Lut wants to go look at apartment complexes. I'm feeling more ambivalent again abot moving. The place we found that's closest to my job, had washer/dryer hook-ups, and decent prices, is "low income housing" or somesuch. We make too much money. (How often do you hear that?) I guess there's some chance that we don't, depending on how they measure income, but I didn't think to investigate it too closely when I called. I could call them back and ask, but I expect it's a doomed venture.

So we're left with a few other options, none of which are nearly as close. Well, there's one that's almost as close, but it's (a) $100 a month more than any of the other places and (b) has gotten terrible reviews on an apartment-review site. As in, out of ten reviews, seven were negative. Among the complaints: "There's been one murder and one rape on the grounds". (!) The place looks really nice. It's got a lake with a fountain in it, and an entry gate to the complex. It looks like a country club. If the price were the only issue, I might go for it, but with a higher price tag and a bunch of complaints ... yi.

The award for "nicest manager" goes to the place that's the absolute furthest from my job, and it's really out of the question. It'd be cheap -- nearly $200 a month cheaper than where we are now. But it's an even longer bus ride than I've got now, and possibly a longer walk. I'm betting I'd be spending an extra 20-30 minutes per day, minimum, on the commute. We shouldn't have even bothered driving that far down the bus route. I just hadn't realized how far we'd gotten from my job. The apartment complex wasn't particularly nice, but the woman we spoke with was a sweetheart. She knew the average cost of utilities (which made her one of two; managers who don't know what their utilities average throw up a big red flag for me, and we met lots who didn't know, or said they don't know) and she lived on site, another plus. She even sent us a thank-you card the next day. Goodness! I want to call her up and ask her if she manages any other places.

Anyway, I feel like the wind's been taken out of my sails by various factors. One of the other "good prospects" is also nearly as far as where we are now, and I want to move closer, dangit. I want some kind of concrete benefit, not just "I'm moving because my current building is under lousy management." I mean, I suppose that should be enough. But I want to feel like I'll have something better than what I had six years ago when I moved into this place, not something more-or-less comparable.

Besides, that place also got unfavorable reviews, though not as many as the gated community did.

There's one other that we haven't looked at yet, and which is probably 5-10 minutes closer to where I work than the building I'm in now. Maybe their office will be open. Maybe they'll have good prices and washer/dryer hookups and nice management.


Maybe I should get back to work.

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