Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


Did I ever mention that I got another story back? A few days ago, Analog rejected "An Old-Fashioned Chat". Analog's rejection wasn't nearly as interesting as F&SF's. Analog did exactly what I had originally expected: pulled a form letter off their stack of hundreds of pre-printed rejections and stuffed it in the envelope with my story.

I am still waiting on the rejection of "She's Having a Baby" by Asimov's. As of Sunday, it'll be two months. It's starting to look like that one may have been lost in the shuffle somewhere. (How long does it take to reject on 700-word story? Sheesh.)

Anyway, now I need to find another market to send "Chat" to. I don't feel like sending it to Asimov's; having one story in limbo is enough. :) A glance at Michael Engen's site yielded at least a few other good possibilities, though. I'll do some more research and pick one this weekend. I really ought to take a stab at that "schmoozing" thing, but it's hard enough to motivate myself to find markets and print labels. If I wait until I'm willing to schmooze, I'll never get anywhere. ;)
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