Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Impact of Wisdom

I'm at an oral surgeon's office, writing this. They have a computer set out for the use of their patients; rather nice of them. I finally remembered the phrase for this type of specialist: "oral surgeon".

I don't know for sure what they're going to do to me today. I've been assuming that this is only a consultation and I'll need to make a follow-up appointment for any actual surgery ... but I don't know.

I almost wish I hadn't scheduled this appointment for today. Sort of ruined my day off. I'm not sure when I'll schedule the follow-up, either. If it can't be done this week, scheduling it will be a pain; Lut starts work again next week.

I really don't want to do it on a Friday. I've got lots of sick time built up. If they're going to knock me out and yank three (or maybe four) of my wisdom teeth, I'd rather at least get some time off for it, rather than ruining a weekend. But I've only myself to blame; I could have made the call for this appointment ten days earlier. I suppose I could've done worse.

Glinda said that it's always a mistake to go to the doctor: they find something wrong with you every time. Kinda seems that way. I haven't had any trouble with my teeth that I've noticed in years, yet here I am with two new fillings, a crown, and about to get my wisdom teeth yanked. Or find out if I'm going to get my wisdom teeth yanked. Something like that.

Here I go.

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