Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Musing on Surgery

strangess just called. (Thank you, sweetie. I appreciate it, lots.) It's 10:15 now, which is my usual bed time. I'm not sure if I want to go to sleep or not. I'd been thinking of staying up until midnight, in the hopes of sleeping late. I'm not supposed to eat or drink anything after midnight, and the surgery isn't until 10:45. I don't mind the not-eating part too much, but I'm used to sipping at a drink almost constantly while I'm awake, so I'm afraid that part will be tricky for me. I'd sort of like to be unconcious for msot of the time I'm not supposed to be drinking.

On the other hand, I'm no good at sleeping in, anyway, so odds are that even if I do stay up late, I'll be awake by 7AM anyway. Oh well. I'm sure I'll think of some way to distract myself.

I haven't done any writing tonight, apart from this entry and the one before it. Gee, my LJ's seen a lot of use the last couple of days. I suppose I should do a line for Prophecy.

There, did that. Maybe I'll get myself something more to drink, while I've still got an hour left to drink in.

I'd been figuring I'd watch some B5 while recuperating, but, annoyingly, the 5th disk for season one is badly scratched up -- and must've come that way, because we haven't done anything with it except put it in the player. What's really aggravating about this is that we've already traded this set in once. The first copy we bought, disc 2 had the same content as disc 4. It was labeled disc 2 and everything. But episodes 5-8, which should've been on it, were nowhere in the set. So we replaced it with this one, and now we can't watch the 19th episode (it crashes, repeattedly, in more than one place.) So I'll either have to skip 19 & 20 and come back to them later, or wait until Lut can trade it on Thursday. I suppose we could try taking it back before surgery tomorrow, but Lut's not supposed to leave me alone after the surgery.

I think I'll go to sleep now. G'night, LiveJournal.
Tags: life

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