Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

I'm doing pretty well at the moment.

"Pretty well" is an interesting term. I'm in a good mood; not up to smiling or anything, but in a good mood.

I have full sensation in my lip and mouth at this point, so I've suffered no permanent nerve damage. Obviously, I survived the experience, so I'm past my two biggest concerns; phew.

"Sleeping a lot" isn't quite covering it.

I had been thirsty since I woke up at 1AM this morning. I'd actually had a little to drink at 2AM (against the office's instructions, which said "nothing after midnight" but within the surgeon's statement, which was 'nothing 6 hours prior). Miserable morning, didn't sleep much. Watched the 21st episode of B5 right before going to the surgery office; took my mind off things.

Surgery took about the hour and half that the surgeon had promised. (Thank you, Dr. Oakley.) I was partly conscious for it. I hallucinated a lot; I kept thinking that I'd opened my eyes and seen the walls past the doctor's shoulder, and they were wood. Then I'd really open my eyes and see the typical hospital-white surrounding, and the oxygen apparatus around my face, and the surgeon looming over me. I couldn't see the two assistants. I kept trying to show them a sign that I was awake, that I was conscious, because I thought maybe something was wrong. "Aren't I supposed to be asleep for this?" I felt a little pain and discomfrt while the surgery went on, but no more than during a typical dentist visit. And my perception of it was that "not much time passed" so I must have been out entirely for some of it.

Afterwards, the nurse led me me to a big comfy chair outside the surgery room, and sat me down while she explained stuff to Lut and me. I wrote notes to ask questions. I was dizzy and very, very thirsty. But I still couldn't drink; they'd packred my mouth with gauze and told me to leave it in until 1:15PM. It was about 12:30 then.

After we asked all our questions, and I'd recovered a bit, Lut took me home, stopping by the pharmacy on the way there. This is where things started to get rough. The first pharmacy we stopped at, which had a nice drvie-through, wouldn't honor my insurance, although they kindly told us of two other drugstores, both near our home, that did. One of those also had a drive-through, but there was a car parked unmoving in it when we arrived, and Lut decided to go in. While he was gone, the pain began to start, and coupled with the discomfort of the gauze, how thirsty I was, and the fact that I couldn't talk, I was nearly in tears by the time Lut got back to the car. He tried to understand what I wanted, which was to know what time it was so I could take the gauze out and drink something. I was hurting too much to write coherently. Going straight home wasn't the best idea, because the pharmacy was still filling my prescription. They'd told Lut it would take fifteen minutes to fill, so he'd come back to the care to check on me.

He offered to drive me home and come back, but as all I really wanted was to take the gauze out and drink, we spent an uncomfortable 10 minutes in the car, counting down to 1:15 and my first drink in almsot twelve hours. Drinking, it turned out, was another chore. My lower lip and chin were totally numb, which hadn't been so noticeable with the gauze and the thirst disctracting me. But it quickly became glaringly obvious, as diet peach Snapple spilled down the sides of my chin while I tried to drink. Still, I got some into me, which helped.

However, while the front of my jaw was uncomfortably numb, the back of my jaw and cheeks had almost full senseation back, and they hurt.

When we got home, Lut had to make two trips, one for me and one for the groceiries he'd bought while I was in surgery. Unfortunately, the instructions said "No milk products for 24 hours after surgery" (something to do with the GA.) And the food items I'd asked Lut to buy were all milk-based: yogurt and pudding. Thankfully, I'd remembered that we had Cream of Wheat at home. and the pain meds had to be taken with food. Normally, my stomach isn't sensitive to meds, but given GA-rellated nausea, I definitely wanted to follow instructions on that.

So when Lut got upstairs, he set to making me some Cream of Wheat. And yelling at the cat, who kept getting underfoot while he was doing it.

And the pain kept getting worse. To make matters less pleasant: I'd had Lut put me in the reclining loveseat when I got hom. (That's when I did the LJ post). But then I wanted to lie down, so I got up and went to the bedroom to do so. But when Lut got back upstairs, he took one look at me and said "We have to prop you up. You're not supposed to lie down." So I sat, propped up in bed and unable to sleep, while he fixed food.

It was about 2PM before I was finally able to eat and pop two pills.

And then they didn't kick in.

For about an hour, I just lay there, propped up, moaning and whimpering, trying to keep cold packs on my face. The cold packs made things worse; they were giving me a headache in addition to the jawache. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't sleep at all. All I could do was alternate betweenLut sat with me for 45 minutes, reading, then went into the other room to check on some things. Finally, I staggered back to the den, to suggest that we watch a B5 episode in the hopes of distracting myself from my misery.

Happily, staggering from bedroom to den sapped the last of my energy reserves. By the time I was seated again, I was able to ay "I think I can sleep now." And I conked out.

I woke up about an hour and a half later, feeling much better. Which is to say, my jaw still hurts, and the wounds in my mouth are bleeding profusely, and just typing this required frequent breaks to hold my cold pack up and rest. But I'm not whimpering or crying; this is a huge improvement.

The pain is coming back, now. But four hours have passed, so I can take some more pills, and Lut's fixed me another bowl of Cream of Wheat. (I like the taste of cream of wheat, happily.) So I'm eating my cream of wheat and have just taken more pain meds, and I should be good for a little while.

I need to go to the bathroom, a bit, but I'm too tired to do so. I'm a bit dizzy whenever I stand. No trouble with nausea unless I get up, though.

I started on the antibiotic already, but the anti-inflammatory doesn't start until tomorrow. The same with the saline mouth-rise -- instructions are to do so twice per day, starting tomorrow. There's also a twice-daily antibacterial mouthwash.

I'm not out of the woods yet; my mouth is still bleeding a lot, and I could wind up with dry socket or sinus complications or what not. But I'm optimistic at this point. I think I'll be OK.
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