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Several people commented on how good Lut is being to me. If he sounds like a life-saver, that's because he is. He's been absolutely wonderful throughout this.

I'm in kind of curious position right now. The surgeon's recommendation was that I keep myself in a semi-reclining position for the next 24 hours or so, to help the bleeding stop. I could lie in bed with pillows behind me ... this is what I did for most of the fist hour after I got home. But I didn't find it very comfortable, and at 3PM I came back out to sit in the loveseat in front of my computer. The loveseat is fully reclining; essentially, it's side-by-side Laz-Z-Boys joined together with no arm between them. Very comfortable.

Apart from getting up to go to the bathroom and, just now, to the kitchen, I haven't moved from here since. Haven't turned off my computer, either.

I've been sleeping a lot, and waking up periodically. During one of my awake periods, I wrote and posted the last "status report". I've also been reading LJ.

Up until 10:30 last night, Lut's been sitting right next to me. We talked a bit, but mostly he played Savage. Whenever I wanted something, he'd quit in the middle of his game --even if I said it could it wait -- and go get it for me. He made me cream of wheat four times in eight hours; once each time I needed to take my pain medicine, and once because I was hungry. (The pain medicine needs to be taken with food.) He's also refreshed my icepack several time, and perfected the art of a comfortable ice pack; mixed water and ice cubes in two ziplock bags, to keep it from leaking, wrapped in a towel, to keep it from being too cold. Works pretty well.

I don't think he'd ever made cream of wheat before. He does a good job at it. I'm glad I like the stuff. I'm looking forward to being able to eat milk products tomorrow afternoon, though.

Lut's even been walking me to the bathroom, to make sure I don't fall when I get up. (Moving around, even just 20 feet to the bathroom, is a bit tricky.) He's been totally patient and attentive. Not just "uncomplaining" but solicitious. He doesn't even think of it as him being nice. "It's an obligation," he said, when I was thanking him last night. "Besides, I know you'd do the same for me if the positions were reversed. In fact," he paused, "you did." Lut had abdominal surgery a few years ago, which was significantly more serious than having my wisdom teeth pulled. I don't remember being especially helpful to him then, but I guess he does.

Lut had slept badly Tuesday night, too, and at 10:30 he crashed, after first nuking me some leftover pasta, and then and then some more cream of wheat, when the pasta turned out to be too much chewing for me. (I'd suggested the pasta. I like cream of wheat, but not this much. Besides, I wanted to make things a little easier on him, if I could. Didn't work out.) He also refreshed my drink (would you believe that my instructions actually say to drink carbonated beverages? Not "no carbonated beverages" but "drink some as soon as you get home".) And he dumped a can of pears into the blender for me and mashed it up, so I'd have something I didn't need to cook if I woke up during the night. I could wake him -- he wouldn't mind -- but I'd rather not.

I got the pears from the kitchen and was just waiting for it to be four hours before I ate them and took more pain meds. The medicine is Hydrocodone/Apap, the generic version of Vicodin. Directions are "1-2 every 4-6 hours". I've been taking two every four hours, so I'm pushing the limit on 'em. I started with 20, and am down to 14. 12, as soon as I take the next pair. The prescription didn't include a refill, so I'll have to call the surgeon for more if I still need them. when I get low.

I'm trying to stretch the interval between taking them a bit. Plus, I think I should stay awake a while, so that I can keep the icepack on my face. I've been alternating sides with it. The directions for the icepack were a bit fuzzy -- "20 minutes on, 10 off, until bedtime". I'd suspect this means "get one for each side of your face" -- except they only gave me one icepack. And clearly I shouldn't leave it in place while I'm asleep. I've been alternating it, around 20 minutes per side, while I'm awake.

I still have almost zero energy. I turned on the light after I came back from the kitchen. I don't expect to turn it off again; I'll probably fall back to sleep with it on. Too much effort to turn it off. I feel a little dizzy now, just sitting here and writing this. Moving tends to make me nauseous, but, thank goodness, I have not actually felt like vomiting at all since getting back. I don't want to push it, though. Another reason I changed my mind about eating the pasta was that I remembered it had a little milk and butter in it.

I've started on the antibiotic, and taken two so far. Next one is due at 4:30. It's 3:00 AM as I write this. I may stay up to take it. Haven't eaten my pears yet. Gonna wait just a little bit longer.

Not doing too badly, overall. The bleeding's mostly stopped in my mouth. I'm afraid to swab at the back of my jaw, lest I disrupt the blood clots and start it fresh again. On the outside, my face looks square. I feel like a cartoon. No bruising at all yet, though. If you didn't know that my jawline wasn't supposed to look like a box, I could almost pass for normal.

The one good thing about those first two hours of utter misery is that it really gave me some perspective. I mean, sure my jaw hurts now. But this is so much bearable than it was twelve and a half hours ago that it's almost not an issue at all. Still, I think I'll eat my pear-sauce now and take some more pills.

I want to thank everyone for your kind comments and well-wishes. Whenever I wake up, there've been a few more "glad you're doing better" messages in my inbox, which has been a pleasant uplift. Someone left a comment in queenofstripes's journal -- I think it was Prickvixen -- linking to some articles about how social rejection sstimulates the same centers of the brain that physical pain does. If that's true, then I think the converse is, too: having a bnch of peopl accept me and wish me well makes me feel physically better.

Thank you, all of you. *hug*
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