Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Poll results, part II

A few more people voted in the poll, and a few others had misread the instructions and filled it out with "10=best, 1=worst". So I went back and re-crunched the numbers, yielding (as one might expect) somewhat differnet results.

New top-to-bottom (doesn't quite match the poll results itself, because I inverted one person's answers manually when he let me know)

3.55: His last thought, just before the bullet hit his chest, was Man, I hate this part.
4.18: She would have traded her self-respect for two loaves of bread and a half-gallon of milk, but after the grocry clerk checked its worth, he had to turn her offer down.
4.18: The Weekly Wolrd News was the one who got it right
4.27: You'd think having the powers of a god would make things easy, but somehow, it never did.
4.36: Tachtli had hoped, when she sacrificed her right hand to the god, that it would be enough.
4.55: I have come to watch the world end.
4.73: Aritficial Intelligence Program Selene-32J had wanted, for years, to conceive and raise a child of her own.
5.09: Starving for ten days, it turned out, wasn't nearly as bad as she would have thought.
6.36 Although the dance club was all but deserted, it looked ready for business.
6.55: The ground beneath her cheek shook, its damp, earth scent filling her nostrils.
6.73: Before Michael had even come through the door and slammed his lapboard on the dining room table, his mother knew something was wrong.
7.36: Dust motes float in the jagged amber sunlight that peeks through the broken slats on the shutters covering tall, narrow windows.

The variance between best and worst has increased substantially, from less than two points to almost four. The results are also a lot closer to what I would have expected. The top four are all ones that were written for the poll, with my only consideration being "What would be grabby?" In fact, if I were to fill this poll out myself, this wouldn't be too far from my own order. I'd've ranked "I have come to watch the world end" more highly, though.

"Bullet" is even more of a standout now than earlier. Not only is it a half-point ahead of the two second-place finishers, but it was also the top choice for four different people. Interestingly, those who picked it for no. 1 were also four of the tope five "toughest critics" . I crunched out each voter's mean vote, and the four voters for "Bullet" were ranked first, second, third, and fifth for highest mean. So it looks like "Bullet" would be worth developing. I'll probably still work on "Tachtli" next anyway, even though it took only 5th -- just because it's still the only one I've got something of a plot outline for.

"Dust"'s one top-pick vote was meant to be a bottom-pick vote, making it the hands-down loser for the poll. I think I'll start that story with a different line before I send it out. :)
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