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Post Surgery, Third Update

I'm doing fairly well, in terms of comfort and mental state. My mind has been fairly clear since recovering from the anesthesia yesterday, though at times the exhaustion has overwhelmed me.

I haven't slept that much today. Woke up around 7AM, tried to nap a few times between 10AM and 2PM but couldn't manage it. Finally napped from around 3 to 4:30, then woke to take my antibiotic.

Lut went out today to try to get his car inspected and the Babylon 5 DVD returned, and accomplished neither, poor dear. He'd had one of the DVDs in his computer and forgotten it was there. He came home for it, and to check on me, then decided he was too tired to go back out again. He did pick up some more cream of wheat and other groceries while he was out, though.

I've started on the anti-inflammatory and the various mouth rinses today. My full array of medicines is:

Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen tablets (painkillers): 1-2 every 4-6 hours. I've been taking two of these every 5-6 hours. I tried taking just one at 8PM; two is definitely better. If I'm still awake at midnight, I'll take two more then. I'll also call the surgeon's office in the morning about getting a refill on the prescription. I only have 7 of them left, and it looks like I'll want more.

Cephalexin (antibiotic): 1 every six hours. Been taking these at 10:30 and 4:30.

Methylprednisolone tablets (anti-inflammatory): These are laid out on their own unique daily schedule. Started them this morning; they taste incredibly foul. I planted my suppertime dose atop my cream of wheat and swallowed it all at once, and could still taste the tablet afterwards. The bedtime dose, which I took a half hour ago, I encased entirely in a spoonful of chocolate pudding, which I swallowed very quickly, and managed to avoid tasting it at all. Thank goodness. Blech.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate (mouthwash--anti-bacterial, I think): One dose before breakfast, one dose at bedtime. Tastes like typical mint mouthwash; unpleasant but not very bad.

Warm salt water (also an anti-bacterial measure) This is listed as "twice per day"; I did it around 11 and again around 7, sort of alternating it with the other mouthwash.

Icepacks: These quit at around noon tomorrow. After 48 hours, they're of no further use. I'm supposed to switch to warm damp towels four times daily if I still have swelling. As of right now, my face still looks like a box, so I'm not holding out much hope that this'll be all gone by tomorrow afternoon.

I could probably safely go to bed to sleep tonight. The bleeding inside my mouth has all but completely stopped, and that's the main reason for the semi-reclined position over lying down.

However, the recliner is more comfortable to sleep in if I'm going to sleep on my back; I find it virtually impossible to sleep on my back in a bed. If I lie down in bed, I'll want to sleep with my cheek against the pillow, which won't be very comfortable. I haven't really made up my mind about that.

My mouth is quite stiff. It's uncomfortable to open it more than a half-inch or so, and uncomfortable to bring my jaws together. And uncomfortable to sit here with the icepack against it, for that matter. 2 of the painkillers did a much better job.

kagetsume called earlier this evening, to see how I was doing (and because he'd volunteered to, half-jokingly, on Tuesday, and I'd taken him up on it.) Had a nice talk with him; found at that his job is treating him better lately, which is great to hear. Couldn't talk as long as I'd've liked ... talking's not that comfortable, either. I'm glad writing doesn't hurt, at least.

I should probably have done some work on Prophecy today, given that writing is, as I said, not painful. But, eh, I'm not worried about quota for this week. I've got enough things on my mind. I half-dreamed about how to start the "Tachtli" story, while I was trying to nap this afternoon, but haven't done any further work on it yet.

I find myself, all of the sudden, very sleepy. Think I'll put the keyboard down now and try to rest. Goodnight, Livejournal. Maybe it'll be more than four hours before you hear from me again, this time.
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