Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Recovering Slowly

I woke up this morning at a little after 5AM, having gotten a good six hours of consecutive sleep. Woo! Made it all the way to the bathroom, kitchen, and back to computer without feeling like I was going to fall over for more than a few seconds. Took a dose of just about everything, then did some reading for about an hour and a half. i even considered, briefly, going to work, but ultimately decided that'd be pushing it too much. At about 7, I decided to try lying down in bed and going to sleep.

I slept until about 11AM, and woke up with blood in my mouth again, sigh. Due to some TMI I won't go into, I called the surgeon's office and opted to come in and have him look at me again. He said I was doing fine, and sent me home with a fresh prescription for the pain pills, which I'm running low on. I wasn't sure I'd need more. The two I'd taken at 5AM held me pretty well until 2PM, when I took another pair. Of course, now I'm starting to hurt again and it's only 5PM, so it's probably just as well that I've got access to a fresh supply.

I ate some chocolate pudding now just because I felt like it. I think that's the first time since the surgery that I ate something without dosing on one pill or another. I should get up soon and do my second saline rinse of the day. I may try eating something I need to chew for dinner. I'm getting a bit sick of mashed-up food. I'll probably try couscous with cheese. That's still pretty soft and crumbly. I've had minced garlic shells and minced bowtie pasta (the minced bowtie pasta had a thicker sauce and some veggies in it, and did not mince all that well, but I ate it anyway. Wasn't too bad.) And three chocolate puddings and umpteen bowls of cream of wheat. Mmm. Cream of wheat.

Yeah, couscous are starting to look good.

I've switched off from icepacks to warm packs, now. The gel pack the surgeon's office gave me is heatable as well as freezable; convenient, that.

I'm starting to feel restless. Now that my body isn't at zero energy and on the verge of sleep continuously, I find myself more impatient with the pain. I want to be able to open my mouth wider than an inch. I want to stop salivating continuously. I want to stop tasting blood.


But as restless as I am, as sick-of-being-sick, I am much better than I was even 24 hours ago. It's just this awkward transition, when my body isn't quite bad enough off that I can say "It's OK that you're not doing anything useful" and not quite good enough for me to force myself to go to work, or even to do some writing.

Maybe later tonight.
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