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I made it back in today. Not doing too badly. I brought in a frozen entree for lunch today, for the first time in weeks. Held off eating for as long as I could (I have to go before 2:30), but the TV was still blaring some sitcom when I got in there. Ah well. At least the frozen lasagne wasn't bad, and easier to swallow than a sandwich would be. I'll probably fix a sandwich for tomorrow anyway. Bleah, TV. I'd much rather read through LJ.

Anyway, the day is going all right. I spent most of this morning catching up on email. For a while, new ones were arriving faster than I could deal with the old ones, but I've got it down now. I still have about a dozen on the "to deal with eventually" list, but it's an improvement.

I took one painkiller this morning and haven't taken any more since. My left arm, where the IV went in, and which hadn't been bothering me at all since the surgery, has been hurting today. Must be the difference between the angle I sit and type at when I'm home vs work. My jaw hurts a bit, but not too much. I think my bite is messed up, though. If I bite down, my teeth feel strange, like they're not meeting correctly. I had this problem after my last filling, and spent an hour in a dentist chair with the dentist grinding down on one tooth or another trying to get it to "comfortable" again. I'm not dying to go through this again. For one thing, I only have so much tooth to grind on. I'll wait until my jaw finishes healing. Maybe the problem will fix itself.

Anyway, I've thought about taking another painkiller, but (a) I'm not hurting that much and (b) I'm afraid it'll knock me out if I do. I only have a little over an hour left to go, and I'd rather not be stumbling through the walk home from the bus. I was worried last night that I'd be too tired for the trek home after work, but I think I should be okay. I've been more frustrated than sleepy through today. Stupid little things going wrong, and annoying me more than they ought to.

I'm also tired of being so obsessed with my physical state. I want to talk about other stuff again. Well, maybe tonight. For now, I can try to get the balancing done in my last hour at work.
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