Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Dream: Warrior, Ghosts, and Unresolved Issues

I woke up from a dream, and now I can't get back to sleep. So I figured I'd try writing the dream down while I wait for the pain meds to kick in.

I was a male warrior, and a commander of a city's defenses. I had some occult powers.

There was a schism between myself and another one of the city's military leaders. He was carrying on some kind of vendetta against me that involved pitting his troops against mine. I wanted him to leave the rest of the military out of it -- "You've got a grudge against me, take on me" -- but his forces were backing him up, so mine were backing me up.

I was trying to find a way to resolve a temporary impasse between myself and him. I remember trying to convince him how stupid his grudge was, and why most of the military was on my side and not his. But I didn't want to kill anyone, not even him. I knew the civilian leadership would be angry with me if anyone got hurt over this.

More than anything, I wanted to get back to my stronghold and my wife, so that I could protect her if my enemy tried to go after her directly.

Something happened -- I can't remember what -- but three people died. I needed to rescue their souls; I'm think this was so that I could resurrect them..

I used my occult powers to find out what had happened to the lost souls. One of them had been intercepted by Death and I needed to do something to get the soul back from him.

I did something else, trying to raise any ghosts in the area. One of my subordinates (a familiar?) found the ghost of a long-dead woman and reported to me that she was caught in a deadlock. She was in a spiritual struggle with her dead husband, and she wasn't able to perceive anything but him and what he wanted. My subordinate wasn't sure if I'd be able to get through to her or not. I decided to try; I knew that if I could free her from her deadlock, then she'd be able to help me.

I had a distinct sense that the deadlock wasn't "the ghost fighting with another ghost" but "the ghost wrestling with her own unresolved issues, made manifest in the form of her husband". I wasn't certain that was the case, however. I tried summoning the ghost of the woman, and I got her alone, without the manifestation of her struggle.

She was a tall black woman with short hair. She wasn't free of the deadlock; I'd just temporarily wrested her away from it. If she was to help me, I had to first help her to break free permanently of the struggle. I talked to her a bit, asking her what her husband wanted of her. He had abused her while they were alive, keeping her isolated from other people, being jealous of any other contacts she'd had. he was very selfish. She said that her perception of the struggle was: "He's lonely and mad at me; he says he's had nothing to do for 140 years except wait for me to finish this letter I've been working on to send him. It's a very boring existence for him."

I said wryly, "One might say the same of working on the same letter for 140 years." I knew she'd been able to do nothing else.

She gave a little startled laugh, and agreed. I talked to her a little more, trying to persuade her that she didn't need to be bound by what her husband wanted of her any more. She agreed with my point, at least in theory, though she wasn't sure she'd be able to stand up to him. I got her to the point where she was willing to try confronting him again. I told her I'd do a ritual which would bring us to the room where she'd been deadlocked with her husband. She would see him there again. I cautioned her that she needed to focus on remaining aware of the rest of her surroundings; I would be right there to help her, any way I could.

I did the ritual, but the deadlock didn't resume. This could mean that the ghost's issue had already been resolved, but not necessarily. I tried working the spell that I needed the ghost's help for, but it didn't work because her deadlock was only at a standstill, not actually gone.

Patiently, I cycled through the other ritual, trying to restart the confrontation so that she could resolve it permanently. I was still trying when I woke up.
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