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And a good time was had by all

The Mirari campaign is officially in season again, after a two-month hiatus. The hiatus, from my perspective, has done a world of good: we ran one log Friday night and another on Sunday night, and I was enthusiastic throughout both of them. Brenna and I even gave up Rasheeka so she could play Alice again on Sunday.

I'm not going to go back to the days early in the year when I was running logs three or four night a week, however. First, Lut's not working nights any more, and second, I've got my novel project to work on. And a schedule to keep. I wrote all of a sentence on it yesterday (but hey, that's the daily minimum! Met my quota!) and a couple of paragraphs this morning. I have no special plans for tonight, so hopefully I can wrap the scene this evening.

Back to Mirari: last night's log was especially fun for me, as I did what it seems I do best: have vicious, cutting arguments with myself.

There's something about no-holds-barred verbal sparring that really gets me going. In this particular case, the Queen of Mirari was holding an audience with her estranged brother, the Lord of April. Lord April was pressing his claim to the throne (currently held by the Queen's missing husband) and the Queen was attempting to stall him. (Other details too complex to explain here.)

When we kicked off the log, the general plan was for the Queen and Lord April to hold the audience in the background, while our PC, Alice, watched and whispered with her companions in the scene's foreground. (Of necessity, this would be the foreground--the camera focuses on the PC, in this case, Alice). Lynx was going to play Alice's companions. The original idea was that the "audience" would be covered as "boring adult stuff" and summarized in paragraphs.

Lynx assigned the Queen to me some months ago. Lord April, though oft-mentioned, has never spoken on camera before, and the two of us discussed in the first few minutes who would play him. On the one hand, I thought, it would make sense for Lynx to play April, because I'm doing the Queen. On the other....something in me said that I wanted to play April myself. I didn't know exactly what he was going to say or how this conversation would go, but I had a sense that it should be important. That I'd know what it was like once I got started. Nothing concrete, no poses in mind, no script, just a feeling. "'re playing the NPC companion characters. I'll do April and the Queen." We settled on that.

And, indeed, once I got going, I rolled. I just love this kind of debate--veering between the genteel and the furious, emotionally complex, overwhelming, draining. In a way, it's even better when I'm fighting with myself--playing both sides of the debate--because then I don't have to worry about the other player's reactions. In real life, I'd abhor this kind of verbal knock-down drag-out. I'm a peacemaker. I like harmony. I want everyone to get along. Even in roleplay, if I have a character who gives a tongue-lashing to someone else's character, it's all too easy for the other party to wonder if my IC venom is fueled
by OOC resentment.

But it's not. Virtual anger is cathartic for me. Things I personally know are petty, cruel, irrelevant, unhelpful, can be churned out by characters who have written each other off, or who do not care how hurtful they are, or don't understand the consequences of their words, or whatever. I get to throw aside all the boundaries of convention, and, best of all, no consequences! (To me. My characters, on the other hand, are in for a world o' hurt.) Lynx said, "If this is what you're good at, you need to put more arguments in Prophecy." Heh. He's got a point. :)

Some things in the session we couldn't have planned better if we tried. We got a chance to work in a detail I'd invented six or more months earlier that had never made it on camera. (That happens all too often. Either you never come up with a good way to work it in, or you had a way that involved the PCs asking or doing something that they don't actually do.) Background and foreground got tied together, quite accidentally, when one of Alice's companions made a comment a ltitle too loudly--and one that happened to be all too appropriate for Lord April's case. Heh.

Anyway, Thursday we will pick up with Tom and Alice in separate logs, and next week Agatha should rejoin the action. (Sort of appropriate she'll be the last to return--she was the last to get played.) Things are looking up.... :)
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