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rowyn's Journal

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19 September
I've been active on LiveJournal since 2002, which leaves me in the curious position of already having told the world everything about myself, and yet not knowing what important bits I ought to summarize here.

As might be obvious for someone who's kept a journal for 14+ years, I am engaged in a mad, passionate love affair with the written word. It is sometimes an easy, comfortable romance: relaxing at home, just me and my words playing around together on the computer screen. Other times, it is torrid: blistering heat, fingers frantic, unable to stroke the keys fast enough, desperate, demanding to see each new line. Only you understand me, text. Only through you can I ever understand myself. More often it is cold: the words will not come; they no longer love me, I think, or perhaps it is I who has stopped loving them. It is too much effort, too much energy, and I am so very tired.

Love is always hard work.

Always worth it.

I have published two books, both polyamorous and bisexual fantasy romance novels in the same setting:

The first of my books, A Rational Arrangement, is serialized on my Livejournal from May 2015 through March 2016. It's also available in serial form on my website, rationalarrangement.com.

I am working on my next book. I am always working on my next book, whichever book that is. Even when writing and I are at odds, I still yearn for the smooth clean forms of letters and words, for thoughts enfleshed in alphabet, ideas made tangible at last.
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